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About Us


Greg Linneman, Tim Crockett and Nathan Eckhoff accepting the 2012 Columbia Chamber of Commerce Small Business Award

Since 1985, Crockett Engineering has provided clients with civil engineering and land surveying for projects of all size. In 2009, structural engineering was added as an additional discipline. In 2013, the partners of Crockett Engineering opened Crockett Geotechnical – Testing Lab, LLC to provide geotechnical engineering and materials testing to our clients.We have gone from serving the local Columbia area to now performing work in nearly 20 states throughout the country. Below is a general summary of how we do business.

Ability to Deliver

The core of our company is an understanding of what our clients want and the ability to deliver it. We see projects as a whole, not as an isolated engineering job. We do what it takes, inside or outside of an engineering firm’s scope of work, to deliver completed, successful projects.

Removing Uncertainty

We have a track record of removing uncertainty from the equation. Our systems and processes assure clients that the work will be completed on time or early, on budget, or under and to the highest standard. We do the work right to assure we avoid surprises and delays. If there’s a problem, we figure it out and keep moving.  Your business and reputation is on the line and we work to protect that.

Time, Money & Communication

Good communication and well designed projects assure that resources are put to the best use and the best path is taken for each project.

Making it Easy

Give us a project and the next thing you know, it’s getting built.

We manage all aspects of a project and take ownership.

With a long list good working relationships, repeat clients and successful projects, we continually work to improve our operations and deliver excellence.